Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey ya,

I've been so busy with my new job (i'll reveal what is it next month!!!)
so much preparation work and this few weeks have been absolutely CRAZY!
I'm so tired and drained, gotta hang on and rough this period out.
Sorry for the lack of updates ):

I really wanna blog about my bkk/phuket trip asap,
but i havent even have time to sort of the pics! Soon ok!! Promise!

Random snapshots at my old office. Lol the dramaqueen bryon.




As you can seem We're both huge fans of Rilakkuma!


Oh and my rilakkuma solar charger is finally here in sg!
It's arnd $50 and you get can it at seimon at IMM or Plaza Singapura.





Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Studio m

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hey ya, flying to hong kong in abit. Finally done packing my luggage! lol

Went to Studio M a couple of weeks back for a staycation with some friends,
to just chill, play games and talk rubbish!


My first time at Studio M, The rooms are pretty cool, loft type
with a chilling area on the first level and stairs to the 2nd level with the bed/tv.

Awesome choice for a staycation with like 4-6 friends,
more than that would really be a squeeeeeze.



Black & Terrence!


Went chilling by the pool and i went for dinner with my parents
and grandparents to celebrate mother's day!


Went home to change and cabbed over the Studio M again~



Lol, black was walking arnd with cheesecakes and dunno what else and feeding us before the election results were announced and our drinking games start!




Damn cute baby sized vodka absolute that i received from a Vodka Absolute event at Zirca some time ago!

Vodka, Sprite and redbull is such an awesome combination!


Hello kitty card deck!







Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Just a short update..

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey ya!

I'm back in Singapore from my Phuket/Bangkok trip, i looooooved phuket.
Omg the diving at Racha Yai is so mad awesome i wanna go back there again!
I'm such a tanned beach bunny now, hahah.


Missed blogging when i was away, since i came back to Singapore,
I've started on my new job and i was too pre-occupied with everything new
and i didn't have time to blog either, boooo.

Tmr i'm flying off again for a week for a buisness trip,
I'm homesick and internet-less-sick!
I miss hanging out with my friends too ):

Went to the Audi Fashion Festival for the Triumph passage of time fashion show
a couple of days back, hahahah we were seated on the first row, so exciting!
Blog about that soon!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Beauty Review: Melliesh Shading/Bronzer falsies

Monday, May 09, 2011

I used to hate bronzers, because it gave me a muddy dirty look but after that,
i realized it was just because that shade did not suit my skintone,

Applying bronzers can help to sculpt those cheekbones
and add warmth to your skin!

Was using the bronzer from Smashbox previously:


The SmashBox Bronze Light Duo & a fluffy kabuki brush from


Make this funny face and apply bronzer along this line to sculpt your cheeks
and add warmth to your skin, apply some on your jawline
and a wee bit on the bridge of your nose too.

Then apply a peach/pink blush on the apples of your cheek.


Recently i received two items from Mellish, one of their bronzer & two pairs of falsies


I like it that the Mellish bronzer is not too dark/dirty looking, very natural when it goes on!


Received a box of falsies too!


Don't know why but it doesn't really suit me, kinda make my eyes look kinda droopy.
Maybe i've to try and use eyelid tape when i'm wearing this falsies, idk?



Hope to try the rest of the Mellish products soon! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick. haul

Saturday, May 07, 2011

The mail man came by and left two big parcels by my door, guess what's in there? (:


One of the parcels is my loots from my recent drugstore spree!


Bought my favorite Palmer's Body Firming Butter & Bust Firming,
it cost like only 1/3 of the $ to order from as compared
to buying from Watsons in Singapore! Damn cheap!

That's why i was like, omg faster buy extra to stock up!
(damn kiasu i know, but it's really a great body firming product!)

Also bought my Vitamin E, much cheaper on too,
and Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque, best for combi/oily skin like mine. (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Driving licence, The Lion King

Friday, May 06, 2011


Was watching Fringe on my desktop when the mailman came by,
he was like damn cute la! Super happy looking and keep saying:
"whoa!!! your driving licence!!!"

Lol, dunno why he's so damn high but damn funny la!

Not bad! Quite fast, took my TP on the 21st April and got my license on the 6th,
not even one month!



Woots! (:

Went to chinatown pearl centre to change currency
for my phuket/bkk/hongkong trip, the exchange rate is damn good la!

Thai baht, 1SGD = 24BAHT
HKD, 1SGD = 6.25HDK!!!

My last trip to hong kong the exchange rate was 5 lor!



Went to crab party for dinner and we had salted egg buttercream crab, shiok!
siao one, the crab was 3kg man, and there was only 2 of us eating wtf.
3kg of crab!

After dinner, i was up for a HUGE surprise last night,
was tricked into thinking i'm gonna go MBS for some "activity"
that involves running around (wtf?)

... anyway!!!


He brought me to watch The Lion King instead of some wtf "activity",
LOL OMG!!! I really really really wanted to watch it and i LOVE it so much.
Thank you (:

I remembered watching The Lion King when i was in kindergarden/primary school?
And i was bawling my eyes out when Mufasa died. So sad ):


Awesome view from our seats! Omg i love it so much
the MBS theatre stage is mad cool la.

HAKUNA MATATA! No Worries! Hahahaha



Photos were grabbed from the net cos no photography allowed booo.
Lol the goondu auntie sitting beside me got blasted from the security for taking photos.

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Strictly pancake

I've always have an appetite for pancakes, no matter day or night.


So of cos nothing stopped me from checking out Strictly Pancakes for dinner!
Ordered a Butter Garlic Prawn Pancake and Apple Cinnamon Pancake,
idk, i still can't really accept the concept of savory pancakes, so i stuck to sweet.

And nope, i did not regret.


Salted butter and maple syrup for the savory pancake.


Awwww, because love take time.

Waited for maybe.. 15 mins for our pancakes?
a wee bit disappointed i didn't get my Nutella Milkshake, they were out of them for the night.

Butter Garlic Prawn pancake

idk about this, took 3 bites and.. hmmm savory pancakes are kinda weird.

Apple Cinnamon pancake for me!

Yums, the combination of apple cinnamon can NEVER go wrong..
oh, and the vanilla ice cream by the side tops it!

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Contact: 6333 4202

We went to watch Thor @ The Cathay right after dinner.
Omg HELLO HOTTIE! Hahaha, We watched it in 3D.


Hot booooooood. Omg


He looks so cute with short hair!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.